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About Us

Creative direction, design and interactivity.

Worthless Idea is a rapidly growing business based in Montreal. We offer solid creative direction, design and marketing content that's true to the new trendy videogame/digital era. Our own "Worthless Idea" touch that could best be described as "trash 3D or asset flipping" is what built our brand and got us the recognition we deserve in the Montreal scene. We've been polishing and working with this style years before it became an industry standard in the hip-hop/hyper pop world.


While we are very much capable of creating professional-looking designs, videos and promotional content, we believe that our true value is in our ability to create content that is more than what meets the eye. Our solid comprehension of tools like Unity and C# makes us a leading company in Montreal for anything interactive. 


Interactive experiences, mobile applications, web applications, videogames, augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive live events... anything that will make you stand out and interact directly with your audience through technology. We got you covered.


Our Story

After his studies of Game Design in Paris and Montreal, Mr. Worthless tried to pursue his childhood dream of creating his own little indie game. It took a little over a year of development until Worthless hit a wall and started questioning everything about the medium that is video games. Months of reflection made him come to the conclusion that the term "videogame" is a bad one because it is not inclusive of everything that the medium has to offer. 

When covid hit Worthless had to give up his current jobs (Project coordinator and technical game analyst) in the videogame industry. He then seized the opportunity to start his own company that offered services beyond traditional views of video games. With his new favourite term: interactive experiences.

Being very fond of Hip-Hop as a genre since a little kid, Worthless decided to start his venture combining the two worlds he loved the most: music and interactivity.

Business escalated quickly and demand came in strong for various services. All asking for the same "Worthless" touch. From cover art, music videos and videogames to logos, promotional content and targeted advertising.

While still in the "one-man army" stage, Worthless has built a business that is now working with top industry artists in its city and is now aiming to scale its work internationally while still offering competitive prices.

Meet The Team


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